IL Foro (closed)

Dined on April 7th.
I love working downtown because you have access to great restaurants like IL Foro, that’s Italian for “the Forum”. This restaurant with it’s Art Deco style dining room is housed in the former space of the Forum Cafeteria.

First Impressions – Entering from City Center, the first thing I noticed was the large centrally located bar. And when we sat down, I took in the decor, the high ceilings, the mirrors, and the chandeliers. I felt as though I was back in the early 20th Century.
Service – Our server was pleasant. He made recommendations, filled our waters, and checked in near the end of Happy Hour. There is nothing more we could have asked for.
Eats – We ordered from the Happy Hour menu. All food items were $5 including their Happy Hour drinks. Their $5 happy hour runs Monday-Friday from 3-6 pm.


Our first order was the Chips and Dip.  We could not get enough of these delicious crisp potato chips with the balsamic sour cream and onion dip. The sour cream was just the right balance between the bite of the onion flavor and the sweetness of the balsamic. The saltiness of the chips made it pretty impossible to stop eating. When the server asked us if we wanted more chips to finish our dip, we just couldn’t say NO.


The Arincini was our next item, a crispy fried risotto with parmesan aioli. We both loved the aioli. The outside was perfectly crunchy leading to the deliciously gooey risotto.


I ended with the Meatball Slider, pork, veal and ricotta. I am not going to lie, I absolutely loved the meatball. After I finished, I wished there were more than one.
Verdict – I personally think this is a great addition to downtown Minneapolis. You certainly cannot beat their $5 happy hour menu. I will definitely be going back. I am curious about their dinner and also their burger 2.0, which has been called one of the best in town. Alas, you can only order it during lunch.
IL Foro
40 South Seventh Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402
Monday – Friday at 11am
Saturday at 5pm
Happy Hour:
Monday-Friday 3-6pm
Sunday Closed

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